Village of Northbrook


A Resolution Authorizing a Contract with Triggi Construction, Inc. of West Chicago, Illinois for the 2020 Concrete Street Patching and Improvement Program


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Section 1.              Recitals.

The Village’s Fiscal Year 2020/21 Budget provides for the rehabilitation of concrete streets at locations that are identified in the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan. Streets within the Sunset Fields Subdivision have been identified for inclusion in the 2020 Concrete Patching Program (“Project”).

In March 2020, bid packages for the Project were prepared by Public Works Department staff and contained detailed plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of concrete streets in this subdivision. Eight bid packages were purchased. On Thursday, April 9, six sealed bid proposals were received. The lowest responsible bid proposal was submitted by Triggi Construction, Inc. of West Chicago, Illinois (“Contractor”) in the amount of $599,821. The Contractor’s bid proposal was complete, and the Contractor has satisfactorily completed similar projects for the Village in recent years.

The Contractor’s proposal is over the budgeted amount of $598,000 included in the Fiscal Year 2020/21 budget in Account No. 40-7400-531-19. The Contractor's bid amount of $599,821 is based on the estimated quantities included in the plans. This amount is over the budgeted amount. However, staff has spoken with the contractor and they have confirmed that we will manage the contract to the budget amount. Based on these factors, the Village staff recommends entering into a Contract between the Village and the Contractor for the 2020 Concrete Street Patching Improvements in an amount not to exceed $598,000 (“Contract”).


The President and the Board of Trustees have considered the Contract and determined that it is in the best interests of the Village and the public to enter into the Contract.

Section 2.              Approval of Contract.

The Contract with the Contractor for the Project shall be, and is hereby, approved in a form acceptable to the Village Attorney and the Village Manager.

Section 3.              Authorization to Execute Contract.

The Village Manager shall be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to execute and seal, on behalf of the Village, the Contract only after receipt by the Village Clerk of at least two original copies of the Contract executed by the Contractor and compliance by the Contractor with the conditions precedent to closing; provided, however, that if such requirements are not met by within 60 days after the date of adoption of this Resolution, then this authority to execute and seal shall, at the option of the President and Board of Trustees, be null and void.


Meeting History

May 12, 2020 7:30 PM Video Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
MOVER:Bob Israel, Trustee
SECONDER:Dan Pepoon, Trustee
AYES:Kathryn Ciesla, Bob Israel, Muriel Collison, Heather Ross, Johannah Hebl, Dan Pepoon
ABSTAIN:Sandra Frum