Village of Northbrook


A Resolution Authorizing a Contract with A Lamp Concrete Contractors of Schaumburg, Illinois
for the FY 2018-2019 Concrete Street Rehabilitation Program


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Section 1.              Recitals.

The Village’s Capital Improvement Plan and Annual Budget for FY 2018/19 includes funding for the reconstruction of Anthony Trail between Commercial Avenue and Macarthur Boulevard due to its significantly deteriorated condition. As part of this, this segment will be completely reconstructed with new concrete pavement. Bid packages were prepared by Public Works Department staff and contained detailed plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of Anthony Trail. Fourteen bid packages were purchased and thirteen bid proposals were received. The lowest responsive and responsible bid proposal was submitted by A Lamp Concrete Contractors of Schaumburg, Illinois (“Contractor”) in the amount of $345,465.

Based on these factors, staff recommends entering into a contract with the Contractor in the amount of $345,465 (“Contract”) for the Project. A contingency of 10% is also requested to cover any work associated with unforeseen conditions during final design and construction of the Project for a total not to exceed expenditure of $379,965.


The President and the Board of Trustees have considered the Contract and determined that it is in the best interests of the Village and the public to enter into the Contract.



Section 2.           Approval of Contract.


The Contract is approved in a form acceptable to the Village Attorney and the Village Manager.


Section 3.              Authorization to Execute Contract.


The Village Manager and the Village Clerk are hereby authorized to execute and seal, on behalf of the Village, the Contract only after receipt by the Village Clerk of at least three original copies of the Contract executed by the Contractor and compliance by the Contractor with all conditions precedent to closing; provided, however, that if such executed copies of the Contracts are not received by the Village Clerk within 60 days after the date of adoption of this Resolution, then this authority to execute and seal shall, at the option of the President and Board of Trustees, be null and void.


              Section 4.              Authorization to Execute Change Orders.


The Village Manager and Village Clerk are authorized to execute change orders in the amount of up to $34,500 subject to the Village Manager making the necessary determination that the increase in work contemplated by the change order complies with Section 33E-9 of Article 33E of the Criminal Code of 1961 and placing a copy of such determinations in the project file.


Meeting History

Feb 26, 2019 7:30 PM Video Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
MOVER:A.C. Buehler, Trustee
SECONDER:Muriel Collison, Trustee
AYES:A.C. Buehler, Kathryn Ciesla, Muriel Collison, Jason Han
ABSTAIN:Sandra Frum
ABSENT:James Karagianis, Bob Israel